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Anterior talar articular surface Articular surface for talus Aqueous humor Aditus to mastoid antrum Auricle or pinna Antihelix
Antitragus Auricular cartilage Apex of the patella Ala of ilium Arcuate line of the ilium Anterior superior spine
Anterior inferior spine Anterior gluteal line Auricular surface of the ilium Anterior obturator tubercle Acetabulum Adductor tubercle
Articular facet for fibula Anterior intercondylar area Apex of head of the fibula Articular facet for tibia Anterior margin Articular facet for talus
Acromial end Articular facet for sternum Articular facet for acromion Acromion Anatomical neck Articular circumference of ulna
Articular fovea Articular circumference of radius Axial skeleton Anterior arch Anterior tubercle Anterior articular facet
Accessory process of lumbar vertebra 1 Accessory process of lumbar vertebra 2 Accessory process of lumbar vertebra 3 Accessory process of lumbar vertebra 4 Accessory process of lumbar vertebra 5 Ala of sacrum
Auricular surface of the sacrum Anterior sacral foramina Apex of the sacrum Articular surface of head of rib 1 Angle of rib 1 Articular surface of head of rib 2
Angle of rib 2 Articular surface of head of rib 3 Angle of rib 3 Articular surface of head of rib 4 Angle of rib 4 Articular surface of head of rib 5
Angle of rib 5 Articular surface of head of rib 6 Angle of rib 6 Articular surface of head of rib 7 Angle of rib 7 Articular surface of head of rib 8
Angle of rib 8 Articular surface of head of rib 9 Angle of rib 9 Articular surface of head of rib 10 Angle of rib 10 Articular surface of head of rib 11
Angle of rib 11 Articular surface of head of rib 12 Angle of rib 12 Auditory ossicles Anterior process Anterior crus
Anterior fontanelle Anterior cranial fossa Arterial grooves Asterion Anterior ethmoidal foramen Anterior ethmoid foramen or notch of frontal
Arcuate eminence Articular tubercle Anterior clinoid process of the sphenoid bone Anterior ethmoid foramen or notch of ethmoid Anterior nasal spine Anterior lacrimal crest
Alveolar arch of the maxilla Alveolar arch of the mandible Angle of the mandible Articular disc Accessory parotid gland Aggregate lymph follicles (peyer's patches)
Ascending colon Anal sinus Anal canal Anal columns Anus Appendix fibrosa
Accessory pancreatic duct Ascending mesocolon Apex of the tongue Arachnoid mater Arachnoid granulations Arachnoid trabeculae
Anterolateral sulcus Anterior horn Anterior funiculus Anterior white commissure Anterior median fissure Anterior lobe
Abducens nerve [VI] Anterior vagal trunk Accessory nerve [XI] Ansa cervicalis Anterior divisions Axillary nerve
Autonomic nerves Apex of the heart Anterior interventricular sulcus Anterior cusp of the tricuspid valve Anterior semilunar cusp of pulmonary valve Anterior (aortic) cusp of mitral valve
Aortic valve Aorta Aortic arch Ascending pharyngeal artery Anterior choroidal artery Anterior cerebral artery
Anterior inferior cerebellar artery Anterior intercostal arteries Ascending cervical artery Axillary artery Anterior circumflex humeral artery Anterior ulnar recurrent artery
Anterior tibial artery Anterior jugular vein Azygos vein Accessory hemi-azygos vein Ascending lumbar vein Axillary vein
Anteror circumflex humeral vein Anterior tibial vein Ala of nose Accesory alar cartilage (sesamoid) Apex of lung Arytenoid articular surface
Arytenoid cartilage Ary-epiglottic fold Annular ligaments Apex of bladder Ampulla of ductus deferens Abdominal ostium
Ampulla of uterine tube Anterior fornix Anterior labial commisure Areola Areolar gland Adenohypophysis
Anterior belly of the digastricus Auricularis anterior Auricularis superior Auricularis posterior Antitragicus Aryepiglottis
Anterior cervical intertransversarii Anterior scalene Aortic hiatus Abdominal hypaxial muscles Arcuate line Anterior brachial muscles
Articularis Cubiti Antebrachial muscles Anterior antebrachial muscles Abductor pollicis longus Anconeus Abductor pollicis brevis
Adductor pollicis Abductor digiti minimi on the hand Articularis genus Adductor brevis Adductor longus Adductor magnus
Adductor canal Adductor hiatus Adductor minimus Abductor hallucis Abductor digiti minimi on the foot Adductor hallucis
Anterior intra-occipital fissure or synchondrosis Anterior Ligament of the Malleus Anular ligament of stapes Anterior fold of the malleus Articular disc of the temporomandibular joint Atlanto-odontoid articulation
Apical ligament Atlanto-occipital joint Anterior atlanto-occipital membrane Anterior longitudinal ligament Annulus fibrosus Anterior sacrococcygeal ligament
Acromioclavicular joint Acromioclavicular ligament Anterior sternoclavicular ligament Annular ligament Articular capsule Alar folds
Anterior meniscofemoral ligament Anterior cruciate ligament Arcuate popliteal ligament Acetabular labrum Anterior tibiofibular ligament Anterior ligament of fibular head
Ankle and foot joints and ligaments Ankle joint and ligaments Anterior tibiotalar part Anterior talofibular ligament Anterior sacro-iliac ligament Anococcygeal body or ligament
Adipose connective tissue Abdomen Ankle Antebrachial region