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Thyroid cartilage

Other Terms: Cartilago thyroidea, Cartilage thyroïde


The thyroid cartilage is a shield-shaped hyaline cartilage that is incomplete posteriorly. It has two large, flat plates, or laminae, that converge at the anterior midline where they form the so-called “Adam’s apple.” Projecting from the posterior border of each lamina are superior and inferior projections, the superior and inferior horns of the thyroid cartilage. Attached to its inner surface at the midline is the elastic cartilage structure, the epiglottis. They provide attachment for numerous muscles of the larynx and ventral strap muscles of the neck. Like the other laryngeal cartilages, it grows much more rapidly in the male after puberty.


Cartilago thyroidea


Cartilage thyroïde


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