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Transverse process of lumbar vertebra ...

Other Terms: Processus transversus, Processus transversus vertebrae


This is a long, slender process projecting horizontally from the pedicle. The name is technically a misnomer, because this is actually the homologue to the rib. It should be correctly called the costal process. Sometimes during development it will remain separate from the vertebra as a lumbar rib. In the upper three lumbar vertebrae it is longer and more horizontal, becoming shorter and more dorsally directed on vertebrae four and five. Like other ribs, it provides attachment for many hypaxial muscles.


Process is a term used in anatomy to describe a projection on a bone. It comes from the Latin pro- meaning forward and cessus for gone. It is an old term that can be traced back to the writings of the early anatomist Celsus.


Processus transversus vertebrae


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