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Anterior sacral foramina

Other Terms: Foramenina sacralia anteriora, Foramens sacraux pelviens


Four pairs of rounded foramina open onto the ventral surface of the sacrum. These openings communicate with the sacral canal and intervertebral foramina to transmit the ventral rami of the first four sacral spinal nerves and lateral sacral vessels.


Sacrum is a Latin word meaning sacred. The origin of this term is uncertain, debated, and interesting. Various proposals for its origin exist. Some think the name arose because the bone played a key part in ancient pagan sacrificial rites. Others say that because it is the last bone of the body to decay, the rest of the body will reorganize around it on resurrection day. Possibly it was called sacred because it protects the genital organs that were held sacred in ancient times. Foramen is the Latin term designating a hole-like opening. It derives from the Latin forare meaning to bore or perforate.


Foramenina sacralia anteriora


Foramens sacraux pelviens


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