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Seminal gland or vesicle

Other Terms: Seminal gland, Glandula vesiculosa, Vesicula seminalis, Glandula seminalis, Vesícula semi


The seminal vesicles are between the bladder and the rectum, and behind the prostate. They are irregularly lobulated and elongated pouches along the sides of the triangular area at the base of the bladder. They are widest at their upper free divergent ends, where they measure twelve millimeters (one-half inch), and are quite narrow at their convergent ends, where they join the vasa deferentia (ductus defferentes) opposite the base of the prostate. They are about, six centimeters (two and one-half inches) in length, and about six millimeters (one fourth of an inch) in thickness. Posteriorly they rest upon the recto-vesical fascia and rectum. The seminal vesicles are covered by a fibrous sheath, which is derived from the recto-vesical fascia and contains some involuntary muscle tissue. Each tube is about the width of a goose-quill, presents several blind branches or diverticulae, is closed at its upper end, and opens below into the ejaculatory duct.


Glandula vesiculosa


Vesicula seminalis


Glandula seminalis


Vesícula semi


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