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Infraspinous fossa

Other Terms: Infraspinous fossa of scapula, Fossa infraspinata, Fosse infraƩpineuse


This extensive surface covers most of the inferior two-thirds of the dorsal scapula. It is triangular, with its base merging with the spine superiorly and its apex reaching toward the inferior angle. It forms a flattened surface containing obliquely oriented ridges. The fossa provides attachment for the infraspinatus muscle. This surface communicates with the supraspinous fossa through the spinoglenoid notch.


The term infraspinous comes from the Latin infra meaning below and spine, referring to the boney support ridge on the posterior surface of the scapula. Fossa derives from the Latin verb fodere meaning to dig. From this, fossa came to mean a trench, ditch, or hole.


Fossa infraspinata


Fosse infraƩpineuse


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