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Trochlear notch

Other Terms: Semilunar notch of ulna, Trochlear groove, Incisura trochlearis, Incisure trochléaire


The trochlear notch is the deep anterior facing notch in the thick proximal end of the ulna. It is a cartilage covered articular surface that receives the pulley-like trochlea of the humerus. Its lower border is the coronoid process, while the upper boundary is the anterior projection of the olecranon.


This is a Latin term applied to a case containing one or more pulleys. It came from the Greek trochilia meaning the sheaves of a pulley. This can be traced back to the Greek trochos meaning wheel. The pulley wheel. It has been applied to any process providing a pulley-like function or appearance. The term notch refers to an indentation in the margin of a bone. The Latin equivalent for this term is incisure.


Incisura trochlearis


Incisure trochléaire


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