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Body of the pubis

Other Terms: Pubis body, Pubic body, Corpus ossis pubis, Corps du pubis, Körper von Pubis


The body is the dorsoventrally flattened medial portion of the bone. Its medial surface is the roughened, elongated oval surface that articulates via the fibrocartilaginous symphysis with the opposite pubis. The smooth posterior surface forms the anterior wall of the lesser or true pelvis. This wall of bone contacts the urinary bladder providing attachment for part of the obturator internus and levator ani muscles. The anterior surface of the body is rougher than the posterior surface. This surface provides attachment for the muscles of the medial compartment of the thigh. Superiorly the body is bounded by the pubic crest.


The term body or its Latin equivalent corpus refers to the large central portion of a structure.


Corpus ossis pubis


Corps du pubis


Körper von Pubis


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