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Superior ramus

Other Terms: Superior ramus of pubis, Ramus superior ossis pubis, Branche supérieure du pubis


This term describes the slender triangular branch of bone projecting superiorly, posteriorly, and laterally from the body of the bone. It forms the upper boundary of the obturator foramen. Its internal surface, facing upward, contributes to the anterior wall of the true pelvis providing attachment for the obturator internus muscle. Its external surface has a smooth anterosuperior surface which is separated from the internal surface by the sharp pectineal line. This surface gives attachment to the pectineus muscle. The anteroinferior surface is separated from the internal surface by the sharp obturator margin. This surface is crossed by the obturator groove and provides attachment for the obturator externus and adductor longus muscles.


Ramus is Latin for branch.


Ramus superior ossis pubis


Branche supérieure du pubis


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