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Joint of head of rib

Other Terms: Costocorporeal joint, Costovertebral joint, Costal head joint, Joint of costal head, Articulatio capitis costae, Articulation de la tĂȘte costale


The ribs are connected to the vertebrae by a double articulation. The head of each rib articulates with the bodies of two adjacent vertebrae with the exception of the first rib and the last two ribs. The articulations of the heads of the ribs, with the aforementioned exceptions, are characterized by the fact that the intervertebral fibrocartilage between the two vertebrae forming the articular cavities is continued, as the interarticular ligament, as far as the crest upon the head of the rib, and divides the articulation into two compartments. The weak articular capsules are reinforced by the radiate ligaments, which arise from the head of the rib and radiate to the lateral surfaces of the bodies of the vertebrae forming the articulation. These are basically planar synovial joints with limited degrees of rotational and sliding motions.


Articulatio capitis costae


Articulation de la tĂȘte costale


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