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Proximal radio-ulnar joint

Other Terms: Superior radioulnar joint, Articulatio radioulnaris proximalis, Articulation radioulnaire proximale


The elbow joint is a typical compound joint, being formed by the association of the lower end of the humerus with the upper ends of the radius and ulna, and so consisting of three articulations. The three articulations share a common articular capsule, which is roomy and relaxed, particularly in front and behind. The proximal radio-ulnar joint involves the radial notch of the ulna with the wheel-like articular circumference of the radius. This is considered a pivot joint that participates in the movements of pronation and supination of the forearm. The axis of movement of both radio-ulnar articulations passes through the heads of both bones and is consequently placed obliquely to the axes of the bones. The angle of rotation of the lower end of the radius about the ulna amounts to about 180 degrees.


Articulatio radioulnaris proximalis


Articulation radioulnaire proximale


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