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Distal radio-ulnar joint

Other Terms: Articulation radioulnaris distalis, Inferior radioulnar joint, Distal radioulnar joint, Articulatio radioulnaris distalis, Articulation radioulnaire distale


The distal radio-ulnar joint is the joint between the articular circumference of the distal ulnar head and the ulnar notch of the radius. An articular disc separates the head of the ulna from the triquetral bone. Anatomically it is an independent joint, but it functions in association with the proximal radio-ulnar articulation. The socket for the head of the ulna is formed by the ulnar notch of the radius as well as by the articular disc. The articular capsule is somewhat roomy and relaxed, and a prolongation of it, known as the saccular recess, extends upward between the bones of the forearm above the level of the articulation. The articular disc is attached upon one side to the ulnar margin of the middle portion of the radius, where it merges into the cartilaginous covering of this portion of the bone. On the other side the disc attaches to the styloid process of the ulna. The angle of rotation of the lower end of the radius about the ulna amounts to about 180 degrees.


Articulatio radioulnaris distalis


Articulation radioulnaire distale


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