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Deltoid ligament

Other Terms: Collateral deltoid ligament, Medial ligament


Tibionavicular part, tibiocalcaneal part, anterior tibiotalar part, posterior tibiotalar part


Lower limb joints - Ankle and foot


As its name suggests, the deltoid ligament is a thick, triangular shaped ligament on the lateral aspect of the ankle joint. Its apex attaches to the medial malleolus of the tibia and it radiates as four distinct fiber groups to inferior tarsal bones. The tibionavicular band, a superficial group of fibers, attaches to the tuberosity of the navicular bone, the tibiocalcaneal band, and intermediate group of fibers, attaches to the sustentaculum tali, the posterior tibiotalar band crosses posterolaterally to the medial tubercle of the talus, and the anterior tibiotalar band, deep fibers, attach to the medial aspect of the talus.


This strong ligament stabilizes the medial side of the talocrural, or ankle, joint. It prevents excessive eversion of the ankle joint. Anterior parts of the ligament limit plantar flexion and posterior parts of the ligament limit dorsal flexion.


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