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Anococcygeal body or ligament

Other Terms: Anococcygeal ligament, Anococcygeal raphe, Corpus anococcygeum, Ligamentum anococcygeum


The anococcygeal body is a complex musculotendinous structure situated between the anterior aspect of the coccyx and the posterior wall of the anorectal boundary. Multiple layers of the body wall’s fascia and muscle contribute to its anatomy. It consists of three layers which are, from superior to inferior, the superior layer formed of the presacral fascia (internal investing layer of the body wall), the middle layer formed by the median tendinous raphe of the pubococcygeus, the muscular raphe of the iliococcygeus, and the posterior muscular attachments of the puborectalis, and the inferior layer comprised of the deep fibers of the external anal sphincter.


Corpus anococcygeum


Ligamentum anococcygeum


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