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Iliotibial tract

Other Terms: Iliotibial band, Bandelette of Maissiat, Tractus iliotibialis, Tractus ilio-tibial


The iliotibial tract is a strong, thick band of the lateral aspect of the fascia lata that transmits the forces of the tensor fasciae latae and the gluteus maximus muscle into the thigh. At its proximal end it splits into two layers, a superficial that attaches to the anterior aspect of the iliac crest and a deep layer that blends with the anterior aspect of the joint capsule of the hip. The aforementioned muscles attach into the proximal aspect of the tract. Distally, the tract inserts on the side of the lateral condyle of the tibia where it joins with an expansion from the vastus lateralis muscle.


Tractus iliotibialis


Tractus ilio-tibial


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