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Plantar aponeurosis

Other Terms: Aponeurosis plantaris, Aponévrose plantaire


The plantar aponeurosis is a strong, thick fibrous sheet on the plantar surface of the foot. It is thick and narrow at its proximal end as it arises from the undersurface of the calcaneus and gradually becomes thinner and wider as it fans out toward the five toes. It consists principally of longitudinal collagen bundles that diverge into the base of each digit, but its deeper aspect consists of transverse oriented fibers between the diverging longitudinal bands. It is thickest centrally and becomes thin as it wraps around the lateral and medial aspects of the foot to merge with the fascia on the dorsal surface of the foot. This strong fibrous structure provides support and stability for the plantar surface of the foot and its arches. It also forms a complex array of deep septa that help compartmentalize the plantar surface of the foot.


Aponeurosis plantaris


Aponévrose plantaire


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