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Tarsometatarsal joints

Other Terms: Tarsometatarsal joints, Lisfranc's joint, Tarsometatarsal joints set, Articulationes tarsometatarsales, Articulations tarsométatarsiennes


The tarsometatarsal articulations are planar synovial joints that that exhibit very subtle sliding motions. The flattened proximal bases of the metatarsal bones articulate with the three cuneiform bones and the cuboid bone. The firs metatarsal articulates with the medial cuneiform, the second with the intermediate cuneiform, the third with the lateral cuneiform, the fourth with both the lateral cuneiform and cuboid, and the fifth with the cuboid. The joint at the base of the great toe has its own joint capsule, while the others are shared in various ways between neighboring joints.


Articulationes tarsometatarsales


Articulations tarsométatarsiennes


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