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Lacunar ligament

Other Terms: Gimbernat's ligament, Ligamentum lacunare, Ligament lacunaire


As the inguinal ligament reaches the pubic tubercle it reflects backward and lateralward to attach to the pectineal line for about 1.25 cm. This posterior projection of the inguinal ligament is called the lacunar ligament. It is larger in the male than in the female, almost horizontal in direction in the erect posture, and of a triangular form with the base directed lateralward. Its base is concave, thin, and sharp, and forms the medial boundary of the femoral ring. Its apex corresponds to the pubic tubercle. Its posterior margin is attached to the pectineal line, and is continuous with the pectineal fascia. Its anterior margin is attached to the inguinal ligament. Its surfaces are directed upward and downward.


Ligamentum lacunare


Ligament lacunaire


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