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Other Terms: Intestinum crassum caecum, Caecum


The cecum commences the large intestine. It is about six centimeters long, and about seven and a half centimeters broad. It rests upon the extraperitoneal connective tissue and the iliac fascia, which covers the iliac and psoas muscles. Its apex projects just beyond the medial edge of the psoas major muscle, and is opposite a point a little to the medial side of the middle of inguinal ligament. The cecum may hang over the iliac vessels and the iliopectineal line, and occupy the cavity of the pelvis. After the second month of intrauterine life the cecum gradually recedes from its original position in the region of the umbilicus, and finally becomes fixed in the right iliac fossa. The long axis of the cecum is not in a straight line with the axis of the ascending colon, but is somewhat oblique, inclining to the left from above downward.




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