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Ascending colon

Other Terms: Colon ascendens, Côlon ascendant


The ascending colon extends upward from the cecum through the right lumbar region into the right hypochondriac region to the under surface of the right lobe of the liver, with which it comes in contact on the right side of the gall-bladder. Here the colon makes an abrupt turn, the right colic flexure, and passes across the abdomen as the transverse colon. It lies upon the quadratus lumborum muscle, the right kidney, and the descending portion of the duodenum. To its medial side are situated the convolutions of the small intestine. When the colon is collapsed, the convolutions of the small intestine lie in front of it. When distended, the colon is immediately behind the anterior abdominal wall. It is fixed to the posterior wall of the abdomen by extraperitoneal connective tissue and the peritoneum, which covers it in front and on the sides. In about twenty-five percent of cases the peritoneum surrounds it completely, forming a genuine mesocolon.


Colon ascendens


Côlon ascendant


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