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Right lobe of liver

Other Terms: Lobus hepatis dexter, Lobe droit du foie


The right lobe of the liver forms the main bulk of the organ. It comprises about four-fifths of the entire mass. It is separated from the left lobe by the line of attachment of the falciform ligament and the left sagittal fissure; and in front, by a deep notch. The under surface has a fossa for the gall-bladder and two shallow impressions. The colic impression rests upon the right colic flexure of the colon, and the renal impression upon the right kidney. To the left side of the lower part of the renal impression is the impression for the upper end of the second part of the duodenum. The suprarenal gland may also cause a slight impression. This surface also presents the two smaller lobes: the caudate lobe and the quadrate lobe.


Lobus hepatis dexter


Lobe droit du foie


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