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Supra-orbital foramen or notch

Other Terms: Supraorbital notch, Supraorbital notch, Supraorbital foramen, Foramen supraorbitale, Supra-orbital foramen, Incisura supraorbitalis/foramen supraorbitale


This can exist as a notch in the supra-orbital margin. The notch typically occurs at the junction of the sharp lateral edge of the arch with rounded medial edge of the arch. Sometimes, it occurs as a foramen through the edge of the arch. It carries the supra-orbital vessels and nerve from the orbit onto the anterior surface of the frontal bone. In the roof of the notch or foramen is a small aperture that transmits a diploic vein that joins with the supra-orbital vein.


Orbital arises from the Latin orbis meaning a circle. Medieval anatomists were the first to apply this term to the eye socket. Supra means superior to something. Foramen is the Latin term designating a hole-like opening. It is derived from the Latin forare meaning to bore or perforate.


Incisura supraorbitalis/foramen supraorbitale


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