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Frontal foramen or notch

Other Terms: Foramen frontale, Frontal notch, Incisura frontalis/foramen frontale, Incisure frontale


This is an inconstant notch or foramen situated medially to the supra-orbital notch or foramen. When it is present it carries the supratrochlear vessels and nerve. Even when this notch or foramen is not present, the vessels and nerve are, they just do not make an impression in the bone.


Frontal comes from the Latin words frons meaning front and frontis referring to the forehead or brow. The word was used to denote anterior or a relation to the forehead or brow. Foramen is the Latin term designating a hole-like opening. It is derived from the Latin forare meaning to bore or perforate.


Incisura frontalis/foramen frontale


Incisure frontale


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