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Sulcus for superior sagittal sinus ...

Other Terms: Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris, Sillon du sinus sagittal supérieur


This sulcus is a shallow midline groove coursing on the internal surface of the squama. The superior sagittal venous sinus forms this impression.


Sulcus is Latin for groove or a hollow channel. Sagittal arises from the Latin word sagitta meaning an arrow. It is not clear when the comparison of the sagittal suture and an arrow first appeared in the anatomical literature. It has been argued that the fetal sagittal suture, stretching from the posterior fontanelle to the anterior fontanelle resembled an arrow. The 19th Century German anatomist Henle applied this name to the sagittal suture because it extends from the lambdoidal suture across the coronal suture like an arrow crossing a bow.


Sulcus sinus sagittalis superioris


Sillon du sinus sagittal supérieur


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