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Trigeminal impression

Other Terms: Meckel's groove, Impressio trigeminalis, Impression trigéminale


This is the shallow, oval impression on the anterior surface of the petrous temporal bone made by the ganglion of the trigeminal nerve. It sits on the anterolateral surface of the apex and is posteromedial to the foramen ovale of the sphenoid bone.


Trigeminal, referring to the trigeminal nerve, comes from the Latin words tres meaning three and geminus meaning twins. It literally translates as the three twins but means triplets. The nerve was originally described in the 16th Century by Fallopius as the trifacial nerve. In 1732, the Dutch anatomist Jacques Winslow renamed it the trigeminal for its three branches. Impression denotes a mark on a surface made by some structure.


Impressio trigeminalis


Impression trigéminale


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