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Zygomatic process of temporal bone

Other Terms: Processus zygomaticus, Temporal zygomatic process, Processus zygomaticus ossis temporalis


This is a thin arch-like process that originates from two roots on the anterolateral aspect of the squamous temporal bone. The posterior root of the arch originates as a ridge above the external acoustic meatus. Its anterior root originates medially from the articular tubercle. The posterior root continues as the superior margin of the process, while the anterior root continues as the inferior margin of the process. The anterior end of the process forms a rough, serrate suture that articulates with the zygomatic bone. The superior border of the process is the attachment site of the temporalis fascia, while the inferior border and medial surface provide attachment for the masseter muscle. This process can be easily palpated as the ridge of bone on the side of the face.@


Zygomatic comes from the Greek word zygon meaning yoke after its resemblance to a yoke placed on oxen. This reference is to the zygomatic bone that this process joins. Process is a term used in anatomy to describe a projection on a bone. It comes from the Latin pro- meaning forward and cessus for gone. It is an old term that can be traced back to the writings of the early anatomist Celsus.


Processus zygomaticus ossis temporalis


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