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Other Terms: Epencephalon-1, Cervelet, Kleinhirn


The cerebellum lies beneath the occipital lobes of the cerebrum, behind the pons, and above and upon both sides of the medulla oblongata. It occupies the inferior occipital fossae. It lies beneath the tentorium cerebelli, which separates it from the cerebrum. The surface of the cerebellum is composed of gray matter. The gray matter is darker in the cerebellum than in the cerebrum. It is arranged in laminae instead of in convolutions. The cerebellum measures from nine to ten centimeters in its transverse diameter; five to six centimeters in its anteroposterior diameter, and about five centimeters in its vertical diameter. It is attached to the cerebrum by the superior peduncles. It is attached to the pons by the middles peduncles. It is attached to the medulla oblongata by the inferior peduncles. The cerebellum consists of two hemispheres and a central lobe. The lobe unites the two hemispheres. The cerebellum functions in muscle coordination and balance.






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