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Telencephalon or cerebrum

Other Terms: Cerebrum, Télencéphale


The telencephalon is also known as the cerebrum. It is the largest portion of the brain. The telencephalon consists of two halves called hemispheres. These hemispheres are separated from each other in the median line by the longitudinal fissure. This is one of the two largest fissures of the brain; the other is the horizontal fissure. The surfaces of the hemispheres of the cerebrum are composed of gyri. The gyri are separated from each other by sulci. Each hemisphere of the telencephalon presents three surfaces; an outer lateral, an inner medial, and an inferior. The inferior surface rests in the anterior and middle cranial fossae and upon the tentorium cerebelli. Each hemisphere is divided by deeper fissures into the following lobes: the frontal, parietal, temporal, and the occipital. These lobes are named for their overlying bones.






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