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Frontal lobe

Other Terms: Frontal cortex, Frontal region, Lobus frontalis, Regio frontalis, Région frontale, Lobe frontal


The frontal lobe is the largest lobe of the brain. It is located in the angle between the vertical and the horizontal plates of the frontal bone. It extends backward beyond the coronal suture. It is the portion of the hemisphere that is in front of the central fissure and above the anterior part of the horizontal portion of the lateral sulcus. It has three surfaces: a lateral or convex, an inferior or basilar, and an inner or mesial. There are three secondary fissures upon the lateral surface the superior and inferior frontal and the transverse. The superior and inferior frontal fissures run parallel with the longitudinal. The transverse follows a course nearly parallel with the lower half of the central fissure.


Lobus frontalis


Regio frontalis


Région frontale


Lobe frontal


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