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Temporal lobe

Other Terms: Temporal cortex, Lobus temporalis, Lobe temporal


The temporal lobe is the part of the cerebral hemisphere that extends into the middle cranial fossa. Its posterior portion rests upon the tentorium cerebelli. It lies behind the commencement of the main portion of the lateral sulcus, in front of a line drawn over the lateral surface of the cerebral hemisphere from the extremity of the lateral limb of the parietooccipital fissure to the preoccipital notch. It also lies below the horizontal limb of the lateral sulcus. The posterior portion of this lobe is continuous with the parietal and occipital lobes. Upon the lateral surface of the temporal lobe are three secondary fissures that run horizontally: the superior temporosphenoid, the middle temporosphenoid, and the inferior temporosphenoid. Of these fissures, the superior temporosphenoid is the most constant. It lies entirely on the lateral surface of the temporal lobe while the middle and inferior are much more variable.


Lobus temporalis


Lobe temporal


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