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Anterior lacrimal crest

Other Terms: Anterior lacrimal crest, Crista lacrimalis anterior maxillae, Crête lacrymale antérieure


This is the vertical ridge of bone formed on the posterior third of the frontal process. It forms the anterior border of the lacrimal fossa. Just behind the crest the frontal bone forms a shallow groove that continues inferiorly into the nasal cavity. This crest continues inferiorly as the infraorbital margin.


In Latin the term lacrima or lachryma means a tear. The Greek word for a tear is dakry or dakyron. Etymologists report that a copyist's error led to this change from Greek to Latin. They support this position by noting an older form of the Latin word spelled dacrimal. The bone's name derives from its housing of the tear duct. Crest is a term applied to a ridge of bone. The Latin term used for this is crista.


Crista lacrimalis anterior maxillae


Crête lacrymale antérieure


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