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Zygomatic process of maxilla

Other Terms: Processus zygomaticus (maxilla), Zygomaticoorbital process of maxilla, Processus zygomaticus maxillae


This is a pyramid shaped process that projects laterally to form a rough articular surface with the zygomatic bone. Its three surfaces are the facial, infratemporal, and orbital. Its base is lateral and apex medial.


Zygomatic comes from the Greek word zygon meaning yoke after its resemblance to a yoke placed on oxen. This reference is to the zygomatic bone that this process joins. Process is a term used in anatomy to describe a projection on a bone. It comes from the Latin pro- meaning forward and cessus for gone. It is an old term that can be traced back to the writings of the early anatomist Celsus.


Processus zygomaticus maxillae


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