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Anterior cerebral artery

Other Terms: Arteria cerebri anterior, Artère cérébrale antérieure


The anterior cerebral artery runs forward and inward across the anterior perforated space and the lamina cinerca. Between the optic and olfactory nerves, it reaches the longitudinal fissure. Here it is joined to the anterior cerebral artery of the opposite side by a transverse branch, the anterior communicating artery. It now curves around the genu of the corpus callosum and runs backward along the upper surface of the corpus callosum and at the bottom of the longitudinal fissure of the cerebrum as far as the splenium of the corpus callosum. Here, it anastomoses with the posterior cerebral artery. At its commencement, the anterior cerebral artery gives off a few anteromedian branches to the anterior extremity of the caudate nucleus. At the bottom of the longitudinal fissure, it gives off branches to the corpus callosum, the frontal lobe, marginal gyrus, quadrate lobule, and gyrus fornicatus.


Arteria cerebri anterior


Artère cérébrale antérieure


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