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Thoraco-acromial artery

Other Terms: Acromiothoracic artery, Thoracoacromial artery, Arteria thoracoacromialis, Artère thoraco-acromiale


The thoracoacromial artery is a short trunk. It arises from the axillary artery just above the upper margin of the pectoralis minor and pierces the costocoracoid membrane. It gives off four branches: the clavicular, the pectoral, the acromial, and the deltoid. The clavicular branch runs upward and medially. It supplies the subclavius muscle and the sternoclavicular articulations. It anastomoses with the superior thoracic, the suprascapular and the first perforating branch of the internal thoracic artery. The pectoral branches go to the pectoral and the serratus anterior muscles. They anastomose with the intercostal arteries, the intercostal branches of the internal thoracic, and the long thoracic arteries. They also give branches to the mammary gland. The acromial branches pass laterally over the coracoid process and under the deltoid to the top of the acromion, supplying the tissues of this region. They anastomose with the suprascapular and the anterior and posterior circumflex arteries in the deltoid muscle. The deltoid branch passes down the deltopectoral to supply the deltoid and pectoralis major muscles. It anastomoses with the anterior and posterior circumflex arteries and the acromial branch.


Arteria thoracoacromialis


Artère thoraco-acromiale


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