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Radial artery

Other Terms: Arteria radialis, Artère radiale


The radial artery begins at the bifurcation of the brachial artery, about one centimeter distal to the elbow-joint. Its course is more in a direct line with the brachial artery than that of the ulnar artery. It can be represented by a line drawn from a point one centimeter below the middle of the bend of the elbow to the medial side of the base of the styloid process of the radius, the line curving slightly laterally. It passes down the radial side of the forearm along the ulnar margin of the brachioradialis. The brachioradialis overlaps the radial artery in about the proximal third of its course. At the wrist, it turns backward over the radial collateral ligament of the wrist-joint beneath the extensors of the thumb. It then passes between the two heads of the abductor indicis muscle into the palm of the hand, where it assists in forming the deep palmar arch. It is superficial in the forearm, except at its proximal part where it is covered by the brachioradialis. It rests upon the tendon of the biceps, the supinator, the pronator radii teres, the radial head of the flexor digitorum superficialis, the flexor pollicis longus, the pronator quadratus, the radius, and the radial collateral ligament. In its proximal third, it lies between the brachioradialis and the pronator teres. In its distal two-thirds, it passes between the tendons of the brachioradialis and the flexor carpi radialis. It is accompanied by its venae comites. At its middle third, it has the radial nerve upon its radial side. Filaments of the musculocutaneous nerve are closely related to its distal part as it courses around the wrist. Its branches in the forearm are: the radial recurrent, the muscular, the superficial palmar, and the palmar carpal. Its branches at the wrist are: the dorsal carpal, the metacarpal, and the first dorsal metacarpal. The branches in the hand are: the princeps pollicis, radialis indicis, the perforating, the palmar interosseous, and the recurrent carpal.


Arteria radialis


Artère radiale


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