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Ulnar artery

Other Terms: Arteria ulnaris, Artère ulnaire


The ulnar artery is larger than the radial. It is the other terminal branch of the brachial artery. It curves toward the ulnar side of the forearm, which it reaches at the junction of the proximal and middle thirds of the forearm. After this, it skirts the ulnar border of the forearm to the wrist. A line drawn with its convexity toward the ulnar side from a point one centimeter below the middle of the bend of the elbow to the junction of the proximal with the middle third of the ulnar border of the forearm will represent the course of the proximal, or deep, portion of this vessel. A line drawn from a point midway between the medial epicondyle and the middle of the bend of the elbow to the radial side of the pisiform bone represents its course in the distal two-thirds of the forearm. It crosses the transverse carpal ligament on the radial side of the pisiform bone. It runs across the palm, forming the superficial palmar arch, which is usually completed by anastomosis with the superficial palmar artery. In its proximal half, the ulnar artery is deep, being covered by all of the superficial flexors except the flexor carpi ulnaris. In its distal half, it is more superficial, being overlapped by the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris. While immediately proximal to the wrist, it is subcutaneous and lies between the tendon of the flexor carpi ulnaris and the deepest tendon of the flexor digitorum superficialis. It lies upon the brachialis, the flexor digitorum profundus, and the transverse carpal ligament. It has two vena comites. In the proximal third of the course of the artery the ulnar nerve lies some distance to its ulnar side. Its branches in the forearm are: the anterior ulnar recurrent, the posterior ulnar recurrent, the common interosseous, and the muscular. The branches at the wrist are: the anterior and dorsal carpal. The branches in the hand are the deep palmer branch; it continues as the superficial palmar arch.


Arteria ulnaris


Artère ulnaire


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