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3d Female genital system




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The Clitoris is an erectile structure, homologous with the penis. It is situated beneath the anterior labial commissure, partially hidden between the anterior ends of the labia minora. It consist of two corpora cavernosa, composed of erectile tissue enclosed in a dense layer of fibrous membrane, united together along their medial surfaces by an incomplete fibrous pectiniform septum; each corpus is connected to the rami of the pubis and ischium by a crus, these crus are homologous to the crus of the penis; the free extremity (glans of the clitoris) is a small rounded tubercle, consisting of spongy erectile tissue, and highly sensitive, this part of the clitoris is homologous to the glans penis. The clitoris is provided like the penis, with a suspensory ligament, and with two small muscles, the Ischiocavernosi, which are inserted into the crura of the clitoris.

Structural Label Key

  1. Abdominal ostium
  2. Ampulla of uterine tube
  3. Anal canal
  4. Anal columns
  5. Anal sinus
  6. Anterior fornix
  7. Anterior labial commisure
  8. Anus
  9. Apex of bladder
  10. Body of bladder
  11. Body of clitoris
  12. Body of uterus
  13. Broad ligament of uterus
  14. Bulb of vestibule
  15. Cervical canal
  16. Cervix of uterus
  17. Clitoris
  18. Colon
  19. Crus of clitoris
  20. Digestive system
  21. Epoophoron
  22. External urethral opening - female
  23. Female genital system
  24. Fimbriae
  25. Follicle (graafian)
  26. Frenulum of clitoris
  27. Fundus of bladder
  28. Fundus of uterus
  29. Glans of clitoris
  30. Greater vestibular glands
  31. Hymen
  32. Infundibulum of uterine tube
  33. Internal anal sphincter
  34. Internal opening of uterine tube
  35. Internal urethral orifice
  36. Intramural portion of the uterine tube
  37. Isthmus of uterine tube
  38. Joints and ligaments
  39. Labium majus
  40. Labium minus
  41. Large intestine
  42. Lateral fornix
  43. Ligament of ovary
  44. Lower limb joints and ligaments
  45. Median umbilical ligament
  46. Mesosalpinx
  47. Mesovarium
  48. Mons pubis
  49. Neck of bladder
  50. Ovarian vessels
  51. Ovary
  52. Palmate folds of cervical canal
  53. Pelvic girdle joints and ligaments
  54. Perineal raphe
  55. Posterior fornix
  56. Posterior labial commissure
  57. Prepuce of clitoris
  58. Pubic symphysis
  59. Pudendum
  60. Rectouterine pouch (cul-de-sac of douglas)
  61. Rectum
  62. Round ligament of uterus
  63. Sacrum
  64. Sigmoid colon
  65. Suspensory ligament of ovary
  66. The musculoskeletal system
  67. Trigone of bladder
  68. Tubal folds of uterine tube
  69. Ureter
  70. Ureteral opening
  71. Ureteric orifice
  72. Urethra - female
  73. Urinary bladder
  74. Urinary system
  75. Uterine horn
  76. Uterine ostium
  77. Uterine tube
  78. Uterosacral ligament
  79. Uterus
  80. Uvula of bladder
  81. Vagina
  82. Vaginal opening
  83. Vaginal rugae
  84. Vertebral column
  85. Vesicouterine pouch
  86. Vesicular appendix (hydatid of morgagni)
  87. Vulval vestibule