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3D - Foot muscles

Extensor expansions of foot

Extensor expansions of foot


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The extensor expansions of the foot are similar to those of the hand but in miniature. They are complex, triangular aponeurotic sheaths, with a hood-like appearance, that function as the compound tendinous attachment of the extensor digitorum longus, lumbrical, plantar interossei, and dorsal interossei muscles. The hood-like base of this triangular aponeurosis covers the metatarsophalangeal joint dorsally and wraps around the lateral aspects of the joint. This broad base tapers to the apex of the triangular aponeurosis to attach to the base of the distal phalanx. The central axis of the aponeurosis is thick and contains the strong, flat tendon of the extensor digitorum longus muscle. The borders of the triangle are also thick, as the tendons of the lumbricals and interossei enter the aponeurosis from the sides. Between these thickened regions, the aponeurosis is thin and translucent. The central extensor digitorum longus tendon gives rise to two collateral slips at the level of the proximal interphalangeal joint, which angle to the sides of the expansion to join with the thick margins and then converge again to the midline to attach to the distal phalanx. Each of the toes has an extensor expansion.

Structural Label Key

  1. Ankle and foot joints and ligaments
  2. Ankle joint and ligaments
  3. Anterior tibiofibular ligament
  4. Bifurcate ligament
  5. Bones of the foot
  6. Calcaneus
  7. Common tendinous fibular sheath
  8. Crus (leg) anterior compartment muscles
  9. Crus (leg) lateral compartment muscles
  10. Crus (leg) muscles
  11. Cuboid
  12. Cuneocuboid interosseous ligament
  13. Cuneometatarsal interosseous ligaments
  14. Deep muscles of the posterior crus (leg) compartment
  15. Deep transverse metatarsal ligament
  16. Deltoid ligament
  17. Distal phalanges - foot
  18. Dorsal calcaneocuboid ligament
  19. Dorsal cuboidonavicular ligament
  20. Dorsal cuneonavicular ligaments
  21. Dorsal foot muscles
  22. Dorsal metatarsal ligaments
  23. Dorsal tarsometatarsal ligaments
  24. Extensor digitorum longus
  25. Extensor expansions of foot
  26. Extensor hallucis longus
  27. Fibrous sheaths of digits of foot
  28. Fibula
  29. Fibularis brevis
  30. Fibularis longus
  31. Fibularis tertius
  32. Flexor digitorum longus
  33. Flexor hallucis longus
  34. Flexor retinaculum of ankle
  35. Foot
  36. Foot joints and ligaments
  37. Foot muscles
  38. Gastrocnemius
  39. Human body
  40. Inferior extensor retinaculum
  41. Inferior fibular retinaculum
  42. Intercuneiform interosseous ligaments
  43. Intermediate cuneiform
  44. Intermetatarsal joints
  45. Interphalangeal collateral ligaments
  46. Interphalangeal joints of foot
  47. Interphalangeal plantar ligaments
  48. Joints and ligaments
  49. Joints and ligaments of the tarsal bones
  50. Lateral cuneiform
  51. Lateral ligament
  52. Lateral talocalcaneal ligament
  53. Long plantar ligament
  54. Lower limb
  55. Lower limb - bones of
  56. Lower limb joints and ligaments
  57. Lower limb muscles
  58. Medial cuneiform
  59. Medial talocalcaneal ligament
  60. Metatarsal 1
  61. Metatarsal 2
  62. Metatarsal 3
  63. Metatarsal 4
  64. Metatarsal 5
  65. Metatarsal interosseous ligaments
  66. Metatarsophalangeal collateral ligaments
  67. Metatarsophalangeal joints
  68. Metatarsophalangeal plantar ligaments
  69. Middle phalanges - foot
  70. Muscles - developmental approach
  71. Navicular
  72. Plantar aponeurosis
  73. Plantar calcaneocuboid ligament
  74. Plantar calcaneonavicular ligament
  75. Plantar cuboideonavicular ligament
  76. Plantar cuneocuboid ligament
  77. Plantar cuneonavicular ligaments
  78. Plantar foot muscles
  79. Plantar intercuneiform ligaments
  80. Plantar metatarsal ligaments
  81. Plantar tarsometatarsal ligaments
  82. Plantaris
  83. Posterior talocalcaneal ligament
  84. Posterior tibiofibular ligament
  85. Proximal phalanges - foot
  86. Soleus
  87. Subtalar joint
  88. Superficial muscles of the posterior crus (leg) compartment
  89. Superior extensor retinaculum
  90. Superior fibular retinaculum
  91. Talocalcaneal interosseous ligament
  92. Talocalcaneonavicular joint
  93. Talonavicular ligament
  94. Talus
  95. Tarsometatarsal joints
  96. Tendon sheath of extensor digitorum longus and fib...
  97. Tendon sheath of extensor hallucis longus
  98. Tendon sheath of flexor digitorum longus
  99. Tendon sheath of flexor hallucis longus
  100. Tendon sheath of tibialis anterior
  101. Tendon sheath of tibialis posterior
  102. Tibia
  103. Tibialis anterior
  104. Tibialis posterior
  105. Tibiofibular joint (Superior tibiofibular joint)
  106. Triceps surae