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3D - Intrinsic ear muscles

Transversus auriculae

Transversus auriculae


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Other Terms:
Transversus auriculae, Transversus auricularis, Transverse muscle of pinna, Musculus transversus auriculae, Muscle transverse de l'auricule

Muscle parts
Latin name
Musculus transversus auriculae
Latin muscle parts
Branchial arch muscle – second arch (Auricular muscle)
In English, this muscle’s name is the crosswise muscle of the ear. The Latin term transversus means “crosswise” and comes from Latin trans meaning “across, beyond, or through” and the Latin verb vertere meaning “to turn.” The term auriculae is from the Latin auris meaning “ear” combined with the diminutive ending cula meaning “little.”
Cranial surface of the eminentia conchae of the ear cartilage
Cranial surface of the eminentia scaphae of the ear cartilage
Help flatten the cranial profile of the auricular cartilage. While this is a potential action in some individuals, in the majority of individuals the muscle modifies auricular shape to a minimal degree.
Nerve supply
Facial nerve (Cranial nerve VII)
Blood supply
Auricular branches of the posterior auricular and occipital arteries.
Musculus transversus auriculae
Muscle transverse de l'auricule

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